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Work Experience & Careers

Sheiling College has a vocational programme, running alongside and integral to the individual study programme; the implementation of which is supported by the Work Experience Coordinator 

Our aim over the 3 year programme is to provide each student with a range of transferable vocational skills which are specific to an individuals planned destination, skill set and aspirations.

Although work experience is student led and tailored to the individual, the following model is used as guidance: 

Year 1 
Students will participate in a range of on-site vocational activities and experiences, including gardening, milk and mail delivery, basic maintenance and mini enterprise. 

Year 2 
During the second year, the aim will be to provide a range of external taster sessions within the various work environments we have developed links with in our local community. Taster sessions could include tours of various business establishments, or participating in specific tasks for a short period of time at any number of our work experience providers. Examples of these work experience opportunities may include car washing, farm work and conservation. 

Year 3 
From what we learn during the first two years through observations, feedback and further student voice and choice meetings, the third year should focus on more specific, individualised work placements which ultimately can be continued once they leave college. 


Overview and Aims

In line with the ethos and values of The Sheiling Ringwood, we aim to inspire, motivate, encourage, support and teach our young people to become as employable as is possible for each individual. 

We hope to provide each young person with the skills, knowledge and experience that will empower them to have the resilience to excel and make informed choices about their future world of work; whether that be learning to live more independently, contributing positively and meaningfully within their community, volunteering or paid employment.   

Guided by the Gatsby Benchmarks, we work creatively to raise aspirations and set realistic goals that are achievable and will inspire confidence.   

As part of the preparing for adulthood team, the work experience co-ordinator works with our independent careers advisor, the teaching staff and at the centre is each student and their family. Together we provide a stepping stone into the future world of work.

Janet Kenward is our careers link Trustee. 

It is important to understand what work experience and careers mean for you, whether you are a student, parent or an employer.  


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