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The Sheiling Ringwood is a charity. We support young people with learning disabilities and complex needs to realise their full potential and, as their future looks different to many other young people their age, we seek your donations to help to provide opportunities that give them a chance at a more independent life. The focus is on gaining basic life, social and personal skills as these are a challenge for our students. Things we take for granted are complex for them to learn.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to fund many projects, large and small, but we need your continued support to do more!

New Classroom Appeal

Help us raise the £1 million needed to fund the construction of a purpose-designed double classroom!

The new building will replace an existing portacabin, allowing us to increase the number of children with special needs (SEN) including Autism that we can support - transforming their chances of reaching their full potential.

This state of the art building will help students for decades to come, providing the best possible learning environment for our young people.

The new classrooms have been designed following guidance on best practice from the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) Sensory Spaces in Schools, and will make it easier for students to regulate their emotions, engage in learning, and have better long-term outcomes in adulthood.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to make a donation to this project. If you donate £2,000 or more, we can display an engraved plaque on the new building in recognition of your support.

Contact or call 01425 477488.


Xander's Story

''The day we found the Sheiling was like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow.  Xander's life in an educational setting up until coming here was bleak to say the least.  From the first day Ivana came to meet him at the car in the pouring rain to take him to class we have never looked back. Taking the words from a movie - 'you had him at hello'. We have gone from dreading Monday mornings to counting down to them!  The first thing Xander asks at Friday pick up is “3 sleeps school?”

Xander came to the Sheiling with a very limited vocabulary and they have opened up his whole world with a number of communication skills. Today, he can happily hold a conversation using all of his new skills.

I asked Xander what he loved about his school and he said “his teachers”!  How many children would say that if you asked them?!  That’s how special the Sheiling is. I count our blessings every day that we have the Sheiling in our lives.''

Lisa, Xander's Mum


Support Us

Your donations can help us provide our students with access to the specialist equipment and opportunities that give them the confidence and skills to realise their full potential in life.

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Where your money goes

Your donations and fundraising mean we can go above and beyond for our students. Here are just a few examples of the great things that support like yours has helped to make possible.


Sensory Garden

garden bed of flowers

Hugely generous grants and donations have made it possible for us to develop an outdoor sensory space that can offer our students a peaceful area with a focus on sensory needs. 

The garden provides space away from the demands of the classroom and, as many of our students have difficulty processing information, they easily have 'sensory overload'. The garden offers a calming space to spend time and be ready to re-join lessons and the busy-ness of life.


student and teacher inside polytunnel planting at potting table

Nineveh Charitable Trust generously made a grant of £2,000 enabling us to replace the damaged polytunnel in Sheiling Garden.  This sheltered area provides a valuable space to incorporate the many subjects that form part of a lesson in the garden, in a way that is more accessible to our students, including maths, literacy and biology, as well as using fine motor skills.


Interactive Teaching Panels

Thanks to the generous support from a number of Trusts and other supporters, we were able to purchase these interactive panels for our classrooms.

They allow teachers to interact, draw or write while presenting a lesson, browsing a website or watching a video,and enable our students to easily access, write and draw on using a finger or stylus, encouraging collaboration, active participation and student engagement.


The Hub

female student placing cake batter into cupcake tin

The Hub is a purpose built space for students to learn vocational work-related and independent living skills. The building includes dedicated working kitchen areas, a training café, retail space and office skills area. We teach skills through repetition and practising in a calm and safe environment. Once the skills are achieved in this way, the student can start to use them elsewhere and to apply their learning in a range of situations.

Without this space, we would not be able to provide such hands-on learning experiences of highly useful and necessary skills.


Every day we are preparing our young people to live as independently as possible and to reach their future aspirations.

But we can’t do this without you. 


Ways to support 

Find out more about how you can make an enormous difference to our students, from leaving a one-off
donation to becoming a regular giver, holding a fundraising event or becoming a Corporate Partner.

There are so many ways to support our children and 
young people, including:

Make A Donation

We are extremely grateful for every donation made. Be sure to leave us your name and contact details as we'd love to get in touch to thank you for your generosity.

Contact Us

Email: or call 01425 482493

Contact us for ideas on how you can help in a way that suits you. Whether you volunteer, donate or raise awareness, you can be sure that however you choose to provide support, you will make a difference not only to our students and their lives, but to their families too.


Your support will help to provide opportunities that give our young people a chance at a more independent life. Thank you.

Charity number: 1149264