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Student Enterprise

Our Careers

Our Upper School programmes are providing students with an outstanding range of opportunities to help build self-esteem and develop functional life skills. They explore a variety of possible careers and pathways of personal interest for the future. The program of study is individualised and differentiated for all abilities and styles of learning. Students will have achieved a minimum of an Accredited Level 1 Diploma, with some students exceeding this and working towards qualifications awarded between Entry Level 2 and Levels 1 to 2.

Mini Enterprise, Crafts & Workshops

We offer seasonal workshops, crafts and mini enterprise schemes. Whilst experiencing the variety of workshops, students identify their own personal strengths, likes and dislikes helping to individualise and create a careers profile of their potential future onsite and offsite work placements. Craft and Mini Enterprise help students gain knowledge of the process of earning wages through work and other valuable money skills. Students also develop key skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, sorting and sequencing. Workshops include textiles, food processing, woodwork, candle-making and horticulture.

Onsite Work Experience Placements

Making the most of our beautiful 40 acre site, students are given a choice of engaging in onsite work experience
placements depending on their personal interests and strengths. Participation in onsite work experience placements not only allows students to develop vital vocational skills, it encourages them to experience the process of interviews and developing their own CV for their transition into adult life. Examples include catering, administration, maintenance and horticulture.

Offsite Work Experience Placements

Our links with the local community are ever growing offering our students a wide range of different venues to engage in work experience in the community.