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Safeguarding is central to everything we do as an organisation. 

Our safeguarding culture stems from clear and effective governance and leadership and is achieved through extensive induction, ongoing training and supervision and monitoring arrangements relevant to our work with children and young adults.

All Trustees, staff and volunteers are trained in safeguarding and abuse prevention, recognition and reporting. This is further supported by a close relationship with our local safeguarding team.

A culture of openness and transparency ensures we are well equipped to protect the vulnerable people in our care.

Complaints and concerns

We feel it is important to maintain open and clear lines of communication with parents and other stakeholders. We encourage parents to let us know if they have any questions, worries or concerns. Where parents feel that they have not been listened to or where they feel informal approaches have not been successful, it is possible to make a formal complaint. Details of how to do this are contained in our Complaints Policy. Details are also included in the Parents’ Handbook.

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