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We are proud of our large, family houses. We currently have two houses for school students up to the
age of 19 years. 

Each house is run like a family group, everyone is expected to contribute what they can to the running of 
the house, for example setting tables, taking out the compost or washing up after meals. Meal times are
an important part of day with  freshly cooked midday meal. Staff and student enjoy this community
gathering which provides a sense of ‘home’ and belonging alongside opportunity to develop social and independence skills.

We aim to provide a home-from-home style setting where formal learning and guidance is important, but having fun, relaxing and sharing social time together is equally valued. Enabling each child or young person to keep in touch with their family is a priority and regular contact is arranged. Parents and placing authorities are kept closely informed about the child’s progress and wellbeing and we aim to facilitate a supportive network for each individual student.



Sheiling College has three large residential houses. Residential students have their own bedroom in one of the college houses and live there when they are at college, 38 weeks of the year. 

Each house provides a family style community for its residents, with individualised bedrooms and shared communal spaces such as lounges and kitchens. Students are encouraged to participate in household activities, such as cooking and cleaning as well as maintaining the gardens. Meals are prepared and eaten together. 

Care is taken to ensure that houses are friendly, welcoming and attractive. Natural materials predominate, providing gentle but diverse sensory stimulation. Meals are prepared in each house using mainly organic produce. Students assist with household tasks and, where possible, manage to care for themselves and their surroundings.