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Post-16 Careers

As a school we strive to prepare and support our young people with their future options and pathways.

In addition to our curriculum, work experience and enterprise schemes we engage with an Independent Careers Advisor. Our Independent Careers Advisor supports young people across schools within the local area to explore the future options available to them.

How will an Independent Careers Advisor support our young people?

Support you through 1:1 career appointments, classroom visits and/or group sessions to
explore the options post-school.  

These could include: 

  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Supported Internships
  • College
  • Jobs
  • Volunteering
  • Activities 
  • Help or support that may be needed as an adult

Help to consider the following questions: What you would like to do when you are an adult? What are you good at, and what do you enjoy? 

Assistance with work experience and how to apply for a job or course. 

How will an Independent Careers Advisor support parents?

An Independent Careers Advisor will provide parents with information on;

  • Educational provisions, training providers, adult day placements and local employers
  • The funding and application process
  • Additional support services
Who is our current Independent Careers Advisor?

Louise Evenden