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Online Safety

At the Sheiling Ringwood, we acknowledge the many benefits of using the internet and technology with our students. We appreciate that the online world has become a large part of everyday life. Learning to use technology can be very positive and can help assist young people with SEND to overcome barriers. 

We also recognise that the use of technology and the internet comes with many risks and Online Safety has had an increasing part to play in Safeguarding our students from harm and abuse. Many of our students have increased vulnerabilities so it is critical that we help protect and educate them in the best way possible. Each student at the Sheiling will be taught Online Safety skills through a curriculum including formal lessons and individualised support based on their needs. However to be truly effective, it is critical that parents and carers also have an awareness of Online Safety, are vigilant at spotting the potential dangers and know how to report suspected abuse. This will create a joined up approach to best protect and prevent our young people from harm.

The Online Safety risks can be somewhat complex and can vary depending on many factors such as ability of user, exposure to devices, exposure to unfiltered internet, use of social media, which applications are being used and many more. To add to the complexity, new developments in equipment, software and applications make this something that is continually evolving so keeping up-to-date can be a real challenge. To assist our parents and carers, we will run annual training events for anyone who feels they would like more support. 


Further support and up-to-date information; 

Net Aware – information about the latest social networks, apps and games.

Share aware - advice, videos and resources about sharing content online. 

Thinkuknow – information, resources and games related to Online Safety – information for parents involving online safety.