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Our Ringwood site comprises both a school and college offering quality care and education for children and young people aged 6-25. 

A heart, head and hands approach to teaching and supporting students with a special educational need, our Rudolf Steiner inspired school and college embraces modern best practice whilst respecting and developing every student’s sense of self. 

Specialised staff, teaching and curriculums enveloped in quality support, care and therapies to provide the very best outcomes for students.

To find out detailed information about specific school or college education, please follow the links.


Ethos and core values
The Sheiling Ringwood is committed to maintaining a therapeutic community environment that is based on the social and educational principles of Rudolf Steiner. Essential to these principles is the recognition that behind every disability each person’s human integrity and spiritual wholeness is inviolable. This means that every student, both because of and despite their disabilities, has something to give and something to learn in all of their relationships, with other children/young people, with staff, teachers, carers, friends and family.

The Sheiling Ringwood strives to maximise the diverse social and educational opportunities of community living, within a safe and secure environment, as a stepping-stone for each student’s fulfilment of their potential. We believe that mutual recognition and acceptance, within a distinct community setting, enables both the individual independence and social connectedness that form the basis of growth and change. We believe that recognising each child’s/young adult’s human and spiritual integrity means to educate and care for the whole person, intellectually, morally and physically. Sheiling School and College seek to broaden each student’s horizons along with their confidence and ability to access the wider community beyond the school and college boundaries in keeping with what is appropriate for their age and ability.


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