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Capital Appeals

New Classroom Appeal

Help us raise the £1 million needed to fund the construction of a purpose-designed double classroom!

The new building will replace an existing portacabin, allowing us to increase the number of children with special needs (SEN) including Autism that we can support - transforming their chances of reaching their full potential.

This state of the art building will help students for decades to come, providing the best possible learning environment for our young people.

The new classrooms have been designed following guidance on best practice from the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) Sensory Spaces in Schools, and will make it easier for students to regulate their emotions, engage in learning, and have better long-term outcomes in adulthood.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to make a donation to this project. If you donate £2,000 or more, we can display an engraved plaque on the new building in recognition of your support.

Contact or call 01425 477488.

Head of Sheiling School, Andy Walters says 'The new building will hugely benefit both our existing and new SEND students. We're currently unable to accept all the applications we receive due to lack of space. As school places in specialist settings both locally and nationally are very limited, the reality for many students is that unless a specialist school setting is found, they may have to continue within mainstream or Alternative Provision settings. Often for students with the level of complexity we support, such arrangements can be detrimental to their education in general and can reduce their engagement with school, leading to issues such as school avoidance, lack of attendance, or increased emotional wellbeing or behavioural issues.

We are grateful to the ongoing commitment of our existing supporters, and we are relying on your continuing generosity to reach our remaining target.



Your donation will help to provide opportunities that give our children and young people a chance at a more independent life. Thank you