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Positive Behaviour Support

The Behaviour Support Coordinator works alongside the wider teams and utilises information and data, working with the multidisciplinary team in the formulation of strategies of positive behaviour support (PBS). Their work involves supporting students to overcome barriers to learning in the areas of Social, Emotional and Mental Health. This role is explained further in the school Behaviour Support Policy. Within the learning day, outcomes for Behaviour include:

  • Supporting students to engage with others and confidently engage with the learning day and their peer group, maximising opportunities for learning.
  • Developing coping strategies around transitions and new experiences, so that students can access learning in meaningful contexts and broaden their range of experience.
  • To support students towards self-management of their own behaviour in the long term, taking ownership of strategies to help them cope in developing awareness of their own emotions.
  • Supporting students to reflect on and learn from difficult situations, supporting an inclusive culture for all students, with empathetic understanding of needs and difficulties.
  • Training students in different contexts of their learning day, including role modelling and training other staff, to ensure consistent application of behavioural formulations, so that students improve their positive behaviour and attitudes over time, and the need for students to get their needs met via less desirable behaviour is minimised.
  • To support students to differentiate between ‘right and wrong’, identifying positive behaviours, and to develop socially acceptable behaviour/becoming as socialised as possible in adulthood.