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Outstanding in all Areas

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The Sheiling Ringwood celebrates an Ofsted residential special school rating of ‘Outstanding’ for Sheiling School. 

The students, staff and trustees of Sheiling School are delighted to have been rated ‘Outstanding’ across all inspection areas following their recent Ofsted residential inspection. 

Sheiling School provides day and residential placements for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 19 with severe, complex and moderate learning disabilities including autistic spectrum disorders. Set in a stunning, sustainable and eco-friendly 45-acre site close to the New Forest and Dorset coastline, the natural surroundings of the school provide a rich, enabling and therapeutic learning environment for its students. 

Some of the highlights of the report include: 

• The residential staff are aspirational and exceptional progress is confirmed by parents. 

• Staff know the children extremely well. They care for each child with unconditional positive regard. 

• One parent described the school as being ‘transformational’ for their child. 

• Parents and professionals are overwhelmingly positive about the impact that staff have had on their child’s progress, emotional well-being and physical growth. 

• The residential provision is a place where children flourish. 

• The actions of the school contribute to significantly improved outcomes and positive experiences for children and young people. 

• The seamlessness of the care contributes to the excellent social, emotional and physical progress that all the children make in this school. 

• Leaders and managers’ openness to challenge and learning from challenge means that children’s views are heard, taken seriously and acted on. 

• Leaders and managers maintain exceptionally high standards of practice built around a culture of continuous improvement. 

Head of Residential Services, Heidi Holm Rasmussen comments: 

‘To achieve an outstanding rating as a residential provision is recognition that we are understandably very proud of. The challenges faced by residential providers in the last few years make this achievement feel even more special and this grading is a credit to our staff team and the outcomes are a direct result of their continuing hard work and dedication. 

The acknowledgement that staff practice is exemplary confirms that students have the best environment in which to make outstanding progress from the day they arrive at The Sheiling Ringwood. Our staff are skilled, proactive and dedicated and I am delighted this has been highlighted by the inspection team. Whilst this inspection was focused on our residential provision, the outcome is a reflection of the Sheiling’s approach, our ethos and collaboration between departments and professionals, whilst maintaining the focus on each young person and their family. 

I have worked at The Sheiling Ringwood for more than 20 years and to see our unique provision for young people with complex needs described as inspirational, transformative and aspirational provides well-deserved recognition for the exceptional staff team who support our students.’ 

Head of School, Andy Walters comments: 

‘I am extremely pleased with this recognition of the work of the school, in particular the impact that the waking day curriculum has for our students. It remains so important to us that students achieve all they can during their time at the school and, for many of our students, the substance of their needs is the achievement of living and independence skills; this is where a residential curriculum has a tremendous impact and makes a significant difference to the lives and futures of our students. This result is especially pleasing following the challenging circumstances of special educational provision and the residential sector in recent years, not least the pandemic.’