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Withdrawal from Section 41 List

Section 41 of the Children and Families Act allows an independent school or college to be named as the provision on an EHCP on the same basis as a mainstream or state funded special school. An independent school or college, such as Sheiling School and Sheiling College, has to apply to the Secretary of State for Education to be included on the Section 41 List.

Both Sheiling School and Sheiling College have been on the Section 41 List since 2014. However, in more recent years, being listed has been problematic for us in being able to effectively manage our admissions processes. Therefore, we have made the decision to request the voluntary removal from the list for both our school and college to enable us to have better control over our admissions.

Our request was approved by the Secretary of State and, with effect from December 2022, Sheiling School and Sheiling College are no longer on the Section 41 List. As a result, The Sheiling Ringwood has joined the third of other independent schools and colleges who have now come off the list